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請使用以下瀏覽器填寫及遞交本申請表:Internet Explorer (versions 9.0或以上版本), Mozilla Firefox (4.0或以上版本), Google Chrome (8.0 或以上版本) 或Safari (3.2 或以上版本)。

Personal Information Collection Statement

The personal data to be collected in this application form are divided into two categories: those marked with (*) and those not marked with (*).

For the (*) marked personal data, their provision is obligatory and will be used by us to assess the applicant’s suitability to be admitted to our centre. Failure to provide such data will result in the non-processing of the application which will be treated as abandoned/withdrawn.

In respect of those personal data not marked with (*), their provision is not obligatory and is purely optional. The purpose of our collecting such data is to enable us to have a better understanding as to the different educational background / occupation of the parent(s) who are interested in applying and enrolling their child(ren) to study at our centre such that we may consider inviting suitable parent(s) of successful applicants to participate in centre activities organized by our “Parental Participation Scheme”. The provision of these non (*) marked personal data is purely voluntary; it is entirely up to the parent(s) to decide whether or not to provide these data and failure to so provide will have no consequences/effects on, and will not influence or adversely affect, the processing and/or outcome of the application.

Should you agree to enrol your child(ren) to study at our centre, the personal data collected in this application form will be used:
• for admission to our centre;
• for development and delivery of our services, programmes, activities and facilities;
• for our performance of administrative, education, academic and research functions;
• for health and safety;
• (subject to your consent) for marketing the programmes, events, activities and services of our centre and the education and children-related materials (including but not limited to photo, video, publication, media), information, products, services and/or business of Victoria Educational Organisation, CTF Education Group Limited, and their holding companies, subsidiaries and affiliated organisation and entities.

These personal data may be disclosed and transferred to CTF Education Group Limited, Victoria Education Organisation, and their holding companies, subsidiaries and affiliated organisation and entities, and third parties (within or outside Hong Kong) engaged by us, for or in connection with the aforesaid purposes, including any agent, contractor, or third party service provider who provides administrative, legal, telecommunications, computer, payment, data processing or other services to our centre.

Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right to request access to, and to request correction of, any personal data you provide in this application. If you wish to exercise these rights, please complete the "Personal Data Access Form" and forward it to our email: ukoffc@victoria.edu.hk.


申請人必須提供在申請表格上標記為 (*) 的個人資料。本中心會採用上述資料以便評估申請人是否合符本中心的入學資格。如未能提供上述資料,申請將不能繼續,並視作放棄論。

沒有標記(*)的個人資料純屬自願性質,申請人可選擇提供與否。本中心希望透過收集這類資料,進一步了解有興趣申請入讀本中心學生家長的教育及職業背景資料, 由此可供我們考慮包括但不限於邀請合適成功申請人之家長參與本中心「家長參與計劃」安排的活動。是否提供沒有標記(*)的資料純屬自願,家長可全權決定是否提供。 不提供沒有標記(*)的資料不會影響申請人入學的申請資格及其結果。

• 本中心的收生安排;
• 本中心籌劃和推出之服務、計劃、活動及設施安排;
• 履行本中心行政、教育、學術及研究職責;
• 籌劃和推行健康及安全措施;
• (在閣下同意的情況下) 推廣本中心、維多利亞教育機構、周大福教育集團有限公司及該等公司的控股公司、附屬公司及聯屬組織及實體的業務之計劃、項目、活動和服務,以及與教育和兒童相關的材料(包括但不限於相片、影片、刋物、媒體)、資訊、產品、服務。


根據《個人資料(私隱)條例》, 你有權要求查閱及更正你在此申請表提供的個人資料。如欲行使這項權利,請填寫本中心的「 查閱資料要求表格 」,傳送至本中心電郵: ukoffc@victoria.edu.hk辦理。